Arizona Cardinals ’Kyler Murray polarizing

The Arizona Cardinals’ Kyler Murray is one of the three most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL, according to a recent Pro Football Focus ranking of QBs.’s Seth Galina recently ranked NFL quarterbacks and he put Murray in the third tier of his ranking, Tier C, with the Dallas Cowboys ‘Dak Precott and the Las Vegas Raiders’ Derek Carr.

He called the tier “Mixed Bag – The most polarizing players.”

Of those three quarterbacks, Galina wrote: “Here is the group of players that half of the entire Earth believes is elite while the other half believes the opposite. There is, apparently, no in-between. Prescott is probably the most consistent of the bunch, and his overall grade over the last five years edges out both Carr and Murray. However, if we remove Prescott’s injury-shortened 2020 campaign, Carr and Murray have produced the three highest graded single seasons over that span. “

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