Apple has rolled out the Emergency SOS Satellite feature globally –

Emergency SOS via Satellite

At the iPhone 14 launch event, Apple announced its new Emergency SOS Satellite feature. This will help users who are stranded, without internet connection and in danger to communicate with emergency services via satellite. At the time of the announcement, the feature was not available.

Now, however, Apple is making it available via a system upgrade that is accessible by only devices in the iPhone 14 series. With this feature, users of any device in the iPhone 14 series don’t need an internet connection to send an SOS message. The feature is currently accessible via the Emergency settings on any device in the iPhone 14 series.

Additionally, users can also share their location with loved ones in any case of a network outage, and they require someone to come pick them up. Just like with the Emergency SOS Satellite feature for messaging emergency services, the location-sharing feature will also work with a satellite connection. Both the location-sharing feature and the satellite messaging feature can be found in the “Emergency settings” on any iPhone 14 device.

Users of devices in the aforementioned series can try out a demo of this feature now to see how it works. This will help them to become familiar with it in case they get into an unfortunate situation that requires its usage. To locate a satellite, the device will inform its user of the best standing position to secure a stable connection.

The feature is still rolling out to more regions across the globe and will be accessible to six countries and more in the coming years. It is also important to note that the Emergency SOS Satellite feature was first put to use in the smartphone industry by Huawei with the Mate 50 series.

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