2023 Heavensturn Event has an Interesting Connection with Patch 6.3

Final Fantasy 14 fans notice the new Heavensturn event draws connections with some content coming in Euphrosyne, the new raid in Patch 6.3.

The new Heavensturn holiday event in Final Fantasy 14 has some interesting connections with some content coming in Patch 6.3. Although this tidbit of lore could be coincidental, it is possible Final Fantasy 14 is hinting at something bigger with the Heavensturn quest.

Heavensturn is Final Fantasy 14’s holiday event for its New Year’s celebration. Players can complete the event in Final Fantasy 14 through January 16, earning them a special glamor in the process.


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However, players can learn something curious Final Fantasy 14 lore from a fortune-teller during the quest. He tells players the story of how fortune-telling came to exist in the Far East from the twelve divine beasts that imparted twelve revelations upon a monk, who compiled them together to spread fortune to others. He then theorizes about the significance of the number “twelve,” as it appears frequently across the cultures of Etheirs. Among his examples, he cites the Twelve–the godly pantheon of Eorzea, and the subjects of the Endwalker raid, Myths of the Realms–and the twelve surnames taken by male Viera.

The number twelve appears in other places in Final Fantasy 14 as well–Excluding the Source and the defunct Thirteenth, there are twelve reflections of Etheirys, and the Convocation of Fourteen numbers twelve if one excludes Azem, who abdicated their position, and Elidibus, who became the heart of Zodiark. Likewise, 2023 marks twelve years since director and producer Naoki Yoshida joined Final Fantasy 14and twelve years since the faulty launch of the original FF14.

Players immediately began theorizing what significance the number twelve could have in it Final Fantasy 14’s future. It could be nothing more than a red herring, but it could also be a clue to a greater revelation awaiting Final Fantasy 14 players. Nevertheless, most players agree it is no coincidence Final Fantasy 14 dropped this quest a week before Patch 6.3.

The upcoming patch, titled Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, introduces Euphrosyne, the second leg of the Myths of the Realms raid. Players will confront several new members of the Twelve as they prepare to face an unknown foe and continue to unravel the true natures of the divine beings which protect Eorzea. Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.3 releases on January 10, although players will need to wait until Patch 6.5 later this year to see the final chapter of the raid’s story.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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